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Simple Text Browser for Android

My Simple Text Browser in Google Play

Well, it is what it is called: a simple browser which shows the raw http response in text format (in some cases it is html source, but not necessary, it depends on the url you request).

I needed this tool for debug purposes and I believe it can be used by those who learn http and html.

You can save the output to a text file and access it with any file browser and text editor.

The application is free and it is for Android only. Hopefully some day I will port it to iPhone.

And last but never least, the app has no ads.

End-user License Agreement:
This application is provided AS IS and if you download and install it, you do it on your own risk.
I shall bear no responsibility for any damages it can cause (though I believe it will hurt neither you nor your device, but I must stipulate these words, you know.)

I will try to update the application in case bugs are found, but I do not accept any responsibilities. The application does not collect any personal information.