Jacob Baytelman - Full stack developer, project manager, CTO

99% Protected Web Site On Budget

There's no such a thing as a 100% secure system, live with it and build your projects accordingly: don't neglect backups and minimize the data you use (that's how we do it in Krowdthink).

But what about small projects like personal pages / landing pages / micro sites? How to create a well-protected web site without spending a fortune?

There's a simple answer: put it on Amazon file storage S3.

This environment does not support any server side scripts, so a lot of manual work is on you. Though if you are a developer (or have an access to a developer), it would not be a problem.

You can create a script to modify something in your files - that's the pain. But the gain is much higher: your web site would not be vulnerable to SQL injections and cross script attacks. No backdoors, no malicious code, no bugs in 3rd party tools and engines. No issues with hosting configuration.

This web site is hosted on Amazon S3 :)

J.Baytelman June 19, 2016