Svetlana Ponomarenko

A freelance full stack developer, technical project manager, SEO expert

Availability: I am currently available for new projects (alone or with a team)

Recent projects:

Back end: PHP, MySQL
Design of the communication protocol
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Toying With Art
Android native development (Java)
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Sportomania, a Facebook application
Front end: HTML/CSS
Back end: PHP, MySQL
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Gaminator - multiline video slot games
Project management
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Multiplayer card games
Project management, design, HTML
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- Industries: Wellness, Medical, Civil Construction, Fashion
- totally: 30+ web sites
- SEO, SEM management (a team of 6 persons)
- SMM (directly and through )
- link building
- analytical research based on data from Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, Majestic,,,
- posting articles with appropriate anchor texts and links (guest blogging)
- posting articles and on-page optimisations (Wordpress)
- creating Infographics
- on-page optimisation, posting articles (including keyword optimisation) on Client's Web Site Blogs (Wordpress)
Android app for a stealth mode startup
- Android native development (Java)
- customized lists with infinite scrolls
- access to the camera, local storage, pressure sensor
- NFS and location services
Website: "The Privacy Advantage"
Front end: HTML/CSS
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Website: "Saint James Vicariate For Hebrew Speaking Catholics in Israel"
Front end: HTML/CSS
SEO, on-page optimisation
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Website: "Opt Me Out Of Location Campaign"
Front end: HTML/CSS
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Love virtual world, multiplayer strategy game
HTML, project management, QA
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Outstanding employers / customers:
Zone4Play (currently Playtech), BSkyB, Parimatch

Experience: 15+ years in development, 5+ years in project and team management

Education: Tel Aviv University