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Facebook ads kill your business

Facebook and other social network ads kill your business, I will show you how it happens.

Once I clicked an ad (a sponsored post) of a footware company.

I was taken to the page of this company but I have never completed the purchase. The company paid Facebook for my click. Now Facebook knows that I am interested in boots and shoes. What would Facebook do?

Facebook starts showing me more sponsored posts of boots and shoes from OTHER companies but never shows the original ad which I clicked at the very beginning.

So the first company paid Facebook for sending me to its competitors. Bingo! All other companies paid Facebook too, not sure it can sweeten the pill for the first company.

Let us take another look at this crazy situation: FB shows a paid post, a user clicks it, now FB knows what this user is interested in. FB will not show the same post to the same user again, because the user has already clicked it. FB does not know whether the user completed the purchase or not. (By the way, it might be a nice thing to implement). FB has other advertisers and thus will keep on showing their paid posts, this is how FB earns its money. FB does not give a shi..ny dime to protect you from your competitors.

If you ask me about alternatives I tell you a few words about one of our Krowdthink principles - a sale opportunity is better than an advertisement opportunity, interact with your customers, respond their needs rather than bombard them with ads, maintain an open communication channel with them, establish relationship, let them place orders once they are ready. It makes more sense than paying social networks for profiling your potential customers and sharing them with your competitors.

J.Baytelman September, 2019