Jacob Baytelman - Web and mobile development

My projects

All these projects have one commonality: nobody has ever done anything similar before: whether it is grouping co-located people into a local chat without actually defining their location, or exchanging your belongings you do not want any more for something better, or predicting when your employees decide to move on to pastures new through analysis of their social profiles, or building new kinds of games.

Some projects took months to develop, others took years. Some of them failed, but some made amazing exits. Some were just MVPs, others evolved from prototypes to commercial products, grew and scaled.

Daily Gospel in Hebrew
...for your faith.

The Krowd App / Krowd net
...for conversations in the crowd.

...for multi-currency ATMs.

Turn your home into a unique "second-hand shop".

Toying With Art
A mobile tracking system.

Source, monitor and engage top talent.

The Privacy Advantage website

Opt me out of location campaign website

Max my package

Saint James Vicariate For Hebrew Speaking Catholics in Israel.

A system for employees and candidates referral programs.

Android application for relaxation.

A widget to place VOIP calls directly from the browser.

The Krowd
The Krowd connects people in places without tracking location.

Student competitions, conferences, challenges all over the world.

E-card platform.

This Facebook application allows friends to challenge each other on the results of sport events.

Multiline video slots

The franchising portal of Israel (Hebrew)

Love virtual world
A multiplayer strategy game.

Multiplayer poker platform

Card multiplayer games

Games for Interactive TV

HTML and Flash games

Information about other projects is available upon request.