Jacob Baytelman - Projects

Toying With Art

In the course of "Toying with Art" campaign we demonstrated how location and motions of people can be tracked just because their mobile phones constantly "communicate" different information about themselves. Mobile phones do not move without their owners. So if I know where and when your phone was, I know where and when you were :)

We created a system which comprises of
- a tracking scanner, located in point A
- a tracking scanner, located in point B
- data aggregation mechanism on a server.

When you approach point A, the scanner tracks your mobile phone and takes a picture of you.
When you approach point B and the scanner tracks you there, the info is compared to the database and if there's your photo in it, which means you have previously been in point A, your photo is shown on a big screen with a warning message.

The scanners are small, you do not see them :)

No rocket science in all this story, no special equipment, everything can be bought from Office Depot.

Thus, everybody can track people, not just telco's or secret services.
CTO, full stack developer: Jacob Baytelman
Android: Konstantin Yatsko
Android: Svetlana Ponomarenko