Jacob Baytelman - Full stack developer, project manager, CTO

Facebook, Bots and Activity Tracking

When I changed my profile picture in Facebook I got lots of likes, mostly from gals, and just one from a guy. First of all thank you, my dearest friends, for your likes, no doubts I am very likeable. But in fact it's a perfect gender detecting technique which can be used by bots.

Just imagine how your activity in social networks can be analysed.

Most of my Facebook is in English, now when I posted a short joke in Russian without a picture, there was no reaction, just a single like from one guy - so it's possible to analyse language proficiency of that person and also the way of reading the feed: either read carefully post after post or just scroll quickly paying attention to posts with attractive pictures.

I will continue experiments and share my observations

J.Baytelman June 14, 2016