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Business card design

I believe in old-fashioned business cards. Yes, those small pieces of paper (damn all kinds of plasic ones!) with your name and contact details. I believe in them because they work. By "they work" I mean they make people remember you. Business cards work, CVs do not (LinkedIn is much more effective).

I am not going to provide a recipe of a perfect business card. It took me probably 20 attempts and a couple of years to find my own proper way. I am writing this just because of the simple fact: I gave out about 50 cards and eveyone told me that it's probably the most creative card they had ever seen. Some critisized the code, others said that they remembered my avatar from somewhere, someone else was going to copy-paste the idea, it was seen in their eyes :)

No, guys, it's mine. I worked very hard on the idea and that's why the card works for me. It will not work for you, sorry. But you can try a bit harder and find your own way.

This is what I did:

I made it usable. A very natural use pattern for a piece of paper is to make notes on it. So one side of my card is for notes: either mine or yours.

I made it unique with my unique avatar. It's the same avatar I use in social networks. Yes, the haircut (or the lackof it if you wish) resembles me. No, most of the time I am not so green (I guess I am not).

I made it informative: in pseudo code I explained what I do and how I do it and why. Other developers understand and enjoy the details. Non-techies just think they got the point.

J.Baytelman September, 2013