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Smart City - Jobs In Danger

Oyster-like payment systems in the public transport eliminate the jobs of ticket sellers (believe it or not, in Ukraine there's one in each tram). So these people will become jobless. It's not the reason to stop the technology and progress, but it definitely raises questions.

Smart shopping carts and self checkout systems kill jobs in retail while online shopping platforms take the role of commercial centres away from cities to the ubiquitous internet.

3D-printing of houses and machines are no longer a science fiction, so cities stop being the centres of manufacturing either.

Self-driving cars and smart traffic infrastructure will send home the whole army of drivers.

Again, what are people going to do in cities when their jobs are taken by robots?

New smart jobs are needed for smart cities. New roles are needed for smart cities. Otherwise smart cities can end up without population, which is not quite smart.

J.Baytelman June, 2016