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Telecommuting, a dream or reality?

Home offices are the new open space.

A typical day in the office starts at 9 a.m. You arrive in the office after a 30-60 minutes ride (in the best case). You want some rest, so you have a coffee. Then you chat with your colleagues. Then you check your email and notifications from your apps and social networks.

It's 10:30 already but have you actually started working? Well, not exactly.

Your day in your home office starts at 8:00 or 9:30. As soon as your children left home for school. You realize it's all your time, so you try to get down to business ASAP and focus on your tasks, social networks can wait.

No colleagues, no chat, no time wasted on commuting. Just a quick breakfast and you do not actually want that extra coffee.

You manage to do the same amount of work much faster comparing to your normal office day. You finish earlier.

Does your boss get the point? Well, it depends. If he or she owns the business, then yes, efficiency makes more sense to entrepreneurs. If it's a big company (and nobody's money), the boss comes to the office to enjoy a chat, a coffee and survive the day, then probably no and you'd better move on to pastures new.

J.Baytelman April, 2018