Jacob Baytelman

Web and mobile development

Hi, my name is Jacob.
I do lots of coding in Java, PHP, SQL, C / C++, Objective C and also manage teams of developers (full stack web and mobile development).

My projects.

I have something to say about:
  • When you are in a startup (1)
  • Lebenslauf
  • Search in JS without jQuery
  • Business card design
  • Company's phones, clouds and our personal data
  • Technical assessment of software developers
  • iOS7 released... my feelings
  • iOS7 Flat Design: Shame or Fame
  • My Online Payment Evolution
  • Developing mobile apps for multiple platforms
  • Phone, Skype, Viber and ... other animals
  • How do you get Business and IT speaking the same language?
  • How much does it cost to develop a mobile web app?
  • What is the best time management & scheduling tool that isn't a PDA or Smart Phone?
  • How can we get a "Web Designer & Software Programmer" as a profit sharing business partner?
  • How to protect your data

  • My book about interactive technologies in sales (in Russian).


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    PS: I am a

    Full stack developer

    and have a team of other guys and gals who work with me on a number of projects. No, I am not immediately available,I do have obligations, schedules, milestones, etc. Yes, I can consider a new task, so feel free to contact me at jacob@btlr.com Yes, we do