Jacob Baytelman

Web and mobile development

Hi, my name is Jacob.
I do lots of coding in Java, PHP, SQL, C / C++, Objective C and also manage teams of developers (full stack web and mobile development).

I have something to say about:
  • SQL Injections
  • When you are in a startup (2)
  • When you are in a startup (1)
  • Lebenslauf
  • Search in JS without jQuery
  • Business card design
  • Company's phones, clouds and our personal data
  • Technical assessment of software developers
  • iOS7 released... my feelings
  • iOS7 Flat Design: Shame or Fame
  • My Online Payment Evolution
  • Developing mobile apps for multiple platforms
  • Phone, Skype, Viber and ... other animals
  • How do you get Business and IT speaking the same language?
  • How much does it cost to develop a mobile web app?
  • What is the best time management & scheduling tool that isn't a PDA or Smart Phone?
  • How can we get a "Web Designer & Software Programmer" as a profit sharing business partner?
  • How to protect your data

  • My book about interactive technologies in sales (in Russian).


    You definitely want a call to action: so go to my Twitter and follow me
    Twitter:   twitter.com/jacob_baytelman
    LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/jacobb
    Email:     jacob@btlr.com

    My projects (detailed list)

    I've just discovered the hidden game in Chrome when there's no internet. (Press space)
    A very secret job.
    You have a new site? But who cares! No need to spam me. You must have a decent web site by default. Always.
    Syntax highlighting is the best and most important achievement in code editors ever. The rest of features are just supplements.
    Perspective matters
    The first conference integrating the commercial opportunity of privacy and the new GDPR
    A utility bill in Ukraine. The small print: the bill does not include your name in order to protect your personal data
    Did you realise your mobile and Wi-Fi service providers know where you are and sell the associated insights into your personal lives? .. some even log your web and app usage too!
    Why does GetTaxi need my camera? Identity, etc?

    PS: I am a

    Full stack developer

    and have a team of other guys and gals who work with me on a number of projects. No, I am not immediately available,I do have obligations, schedules, milestones, etc. Yes, I can consider a new task, so feel free to contact me at jacob@btlr.com Yes, we do